Why Today’s Top Employee Benefits and Perks Matter

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In recent years, employers have began realizing that an annual raise and free donuts on Friday aren’t enough to keep their employees engaged and productive. Employees can easily buy their own snacks and raises aren’t usually life altering. In fact, when a company doesn’t offer benefits that make an employee’s life easier in meaningful ways, they push that employee to search for another employer.

Unique employee benefits are one of the major factors in attaining exceptional employee retention. Employees want to work for someone that has their best interests in mind. When they know that their employer truly cares about them, they’re more likely to go above and beyond their job description.

This results in a positive work experience for both employers and employees. An employer gains employees that they know they can trust to do what’s necessary, and happy employees are willing to stay at their job and push themselves to work to the best of their abilities. So what are these employee benefits that matter?

The Benefits That Matter

It’s obvious that employees aren’t enthusiastic about pay raises and free office snacks, but what benefits do employees value most? What unique benefits are likely to make an employee stick around and perform admirably? To answer those questions, an employer needs to look at the benefits that the most successful companies offer.

The benefits that are about to be discussed are paramount to the success of companies such as Google and Apple. They make the lives of employees easier when they’re at work and even when they’re on their own time.

By identifying what benefits attract employees, Human Resources representatives can help persuade their employers to offer the benefits that the world’s leading companies already do. A move that will most certainly lead to their brand seeing a surge in growth and productivity.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid time off seems like a bad deal for a lot of employers. They don’t see a reason to pay employees when they’re not actively helping the company succeed. However, that mindset couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Employees that have to worry about taking a day off for a doctor’s appointment, their kid’s soccer practice, or anything else, are put under undue stress if those days can not be covered by a sick day. This forces employees to weigh their options between going to something important or not being paid for the day, and can easily push them to seek another employer. One who will give them the time to live the lives they have outside of work.

On the flip side, if the employee does choose to miss out on what is important in their personal life, they can grow to resent their employer. After-all, their employer didn’t offer an alternative when they really needed one.

This is why PTO is so important for a company to offer. It allows employees to tend to those occasional instances where work isn’t their most important priority for a day and they don’t have to sacrifice their paycheck. Employees that receive PTO feel as if their employer truly respects their personal life. When employees know that their personal lives are respected, they become engaged with the company and enjoy coming to work.

Employees are also less stressed when they have PTO. Since they don’t have to worry every time that they take a day off, their minds are at ease. This peace of mind allows them to work more effectively during their average work day.

It’s a lot better for companies to have stress-free, productive, and enthusiastic employees than it is to have every employee at work everyday.

Flexible Scheduling

Everyone is different and it’s counterproductive to expect every employee to behave the exact same way in terms of their schedule. Some people are vastly more effective during certain hours. Other people have restraints in life that don’t allow them to work a strict schedule without sacrificing major parts of their personal life.

A flexible schedule is better for everyone. A single mother, who can’t get a babysitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is going to be a lot more productive if she doesn’t have to stress over her child’s daycare. A young musician with performances three days a week will be a lot happier at a job that doesn’t ruin his personal goals with a set in stone schedule.

It’s all about offering employees the opportunity to work a schedule that works well with their lifestyle. By offering that opportunity, employers can rest assured that their employees are content working for them because they don’t have to struggle to work around their work schedule.

Employee engagement is a key factor in making a business successful and the key to employee engagement is making employees happy. They can’t just be happy at work. Their work has to suit their personal lives and goals.

More Unique Perks

Of course, paid time off and flexible schedules are great for making employees happy because they help them balance their life between work and their private life. However, there are a lot of other options that can make an employee’s work experience better while they’re at work.

These other options include things such as:

Shopping concierge
Company daycare services
In-office stress relief


One of the biggest complaints that employees have is that their work schedule impacts their ability to perform necessary tasks in their life. This includes tasks such as shopping, returns, exchanges, pick ups, and drop offs.

An employee doesn’t have the time and energy to do their shopping after a long day at work. When they don’t have an alternative means to shop, they can become stressed out, or even mentally drained. Neither of those help their performance at work.

Luckily, MyShoperoo exists to make an employee’s shopping easy. MyShoperoo is an easy to use app that allows employees to place orders for what they need before a given time each day. After the cut off time, MyShoperoo employees purchase all of the items that an employee ordered and delivers them to the employee’s place of work.

It’s an incredibly inexpensive way to make an employee’s life easier. They don’t have to worry about when they’ll be able to get their shopping out of the way, MyShoperoo tries to save them money every time that they order, and the convenience of the service allows them to continue working while all of their shopping needs are being handled. It’s one of the easiest ways a company can increase their employee’s happiness and it doesn’t take anything away from their work schedule.


Daycare services are some of the most unique employee benefits around. They’re not very common, but the businesses that utilize them see a drastic increase in employee productivity.

This is because having children is difficult on its own and worrying about who is going to care for them during work hours makes it even harder. By offering an in-office daycare service, parents can completely forget about the hassle involved in hiring a babysitter, finding a daycare that works with their schedule, and any other hassles that come with childcare.

It also provides a certain peace of mind for the employee. Parents worry about their kids. It’s difficult for employed parents to drop their kid off and then drive miles away to go to work. With a company provided daycare, employed parents always know where their child is and they can simply focus on their work.

In-Office Stress Relief

This is one perk that Google is often praised for. Work is stressful for everyone. No matter how much someone loves their job, they are going to get stressed doing it day in and day out. That stress affects performance drastically.

This is why having simple perks like a relaxation room, an engaging recreational room, or any other type of stress relief opportunity available is invaluable to a company.

Yes, it takes a little time from an employee’s work day to go down and relieve stress, but the benefits outweigh the short amount of time that they use to do so. Employees that take a brief break to get their mind right are a lot more likely to get back to work with a completely revitalized desire to work.

They can also come up with groundbreaking new ideas because they weren’t slouched over a desk brainstorming endlessly. This is one way that the world’s largest tech companies have come up with so many products and services that take the world by storm. They allowed their employees to take breaks when they needed them and they came back with extremely profitable ideas. That’s not a bad trade for just fifteen to twenty minutes of them not working.

It’s Time To Implement More Meaningful Benefits

Companies with the best employee benefits have the highest employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees can raise a company to new heights and make everyone’s work experience a memorable one.

Sometimes, companies have trouble retaining employees, keeping their employees productive, and they even have trouble keeping their workplace culture positive. This is because they don’t give employees a reason to care. They scoff at the benefits and perks that are making other companies successful and they suffer because of it.

If a company is struggling, maybe it’s time to look at the benefits that more successful companies have been offering for years. Things like MyShoperoo, paid time off, and scheduling that doesn’t mess with an employee’s personal life in negative ways are all things that can fix a company’s most critical issues. After all, a company can only exist if it has great employees and employee satisfaction is why those great employees stay.

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