Shopping Redefined

We are on a mission to change the way we shop and communicate for our shopping needs. If there is anything that kills the excitement of shopping today, it is the headache of – “is it in stock at the store?”, “if I have to return the item, “I have to make the trip again”, “I have to browse a big catalog online to find exactly what I need and then do the whole checkout process…”…least to say, there is no personalization with online or on-demand shopping today.

Omni-channel Communication

MyShoperoo is here to turn these complex and time consuming tasks into one simple line of communication by using our AI-powered solution that makes shopping very effective…how effective…we will save about 35 minutes of your valuable time every time you choose to use MyShoperoo as your shopping concierge.

Our offering takes advantage of natural language processing and scheduling technology that analyzes your shopping needs via your free form text and converts them into actionable shopping lists for our Shoperoos to act on, immediately. This all magically happens in seconds.

Personalized Experience

1) User orders by free form typing or simple chat.


We use NLP to understand requests and ML from past orders to make personalized suggestions.

2) Our AI Engine then comes into action:

  • Checks completeness and adds any missing metadata
  • Creates personalized shopping experience for users and a structured shopping list for operations

Trusted Local Network

Individuals are not the only ones who gain time from our service. Employers, Local Stores, Gig economy…all of us are playing a key role in changing the way how we shop. Want to know more? Drop us a line