MyShoperoo @Work

MyShoperoo @Work is the ultimate employee perk, offering a unique, personal, and trusted shopping concierge service for employees at work. @Work is perfect for companies that are looking to expand their benefits and perks packages to employees while not breaking the bank.

Stand out amongst your competitors with MyShoperoo today!

How Does It Work?

Employees are able to order anything they want via our simple to use AI based note and chat interface before 1 pm every day. After 1 pm our Shoperoos will start purchasing the orders given to us by employees and then promptly deliver them to the office by 4 pm.

Our Promise – PWWP

Pay-What-We-Pay is unique to MyShoperoo’s @Work service. This is our promise that we don’t mark up prices or hide “service” charges in the costs of the products. Instead, we are buying on our users’ behalf. Wherever possible we try to save our users money by shopping just like how we would shop for ourselves.
Because, we are The Trusted Shopping Concierge.

What Also Can MyShoperoo Do?

We’re all about shopping here at MyShoperoo and that’s not just limited to buying and delivering items. Myshoperoo also takes care of your employee’s exchanges and returns of any previously purchased items so they don’t have to. Got any donations or book returns? We can take care of those too!