How to Increase Revenue and Time Daily

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The next time that you see a podcast of a successful corporate executive who’s being praised for proposing the latest profit-generating idea for her company think about how she arrived at that moment in her life. If you think that she had help, you’re probably right. While email, flexible scheduling tools, and robust collaboration platforms improve efficiency for all business workers, many C-suite executives still see executive assistants as a benefit that they can’t do without. They know that these time-saving assets are worth their weight in gold.

Building on the usefulness of executive assistants is a new concept that brings the benefits of a personal assistant to a company’s entire workforce. The idea of a company on-demand errand service for all workers introduces a new paradigm to modern egalitarian-style workplaces. Here are four revenue-enhancing benefits of using an on-demand errand service in your organization.

#1 Keeps Work Organized and Prioritized

If you’re like most business leaders, you make a point of walking through office areas to take the pulse of the workplace. There’s a certain vibe that surrounds productive workers, and your job is to keep company talent in this zone. If you notice that the atmosphere becomes a little more chaotic around the lunch hour, you’re not imagining things.

During these moments, your staff members have shifted their attention from work activities to their personal to-do lists. Instead of having a lunch hour that’s dedicated to eating, socializing, and maybe talking a little shop with colleagues. Many of your star performers are instead calculating how they will get across town to mail a care package to their son in college, pick up their clothes from the dry cleaners, and gulp down a protein shake before heading back to the office for an afternoon meeting.

Adding an on-demand errand service benefit to your wellness program takes away many of the personal tasks that employees inevitably must do throughout their day such as last-minute grocery shopping. Freeing employees to better organize their work schedules, can give the company the best of their ideas, skills, and talent rather than having to split their time between home and work.

#2 Improves Staff Morale and Reduces Stress

Time is a critical asset for everyone. Its importance usually gets highlighted when a manager wants to emphasize the value of his or her time to subordinates or vendors. What about the rest of the workforce’s time? Is it less valuable than the boss’s time? According to a recent Forbes article about organizational behavior, one way that managers erode morale and drive away talent is to display a lack of empathy. By having an on-demand errand service for your workforce, you show your employees that you value their time. Besides improving morale, the errand service helps to reduce employee stress. Workers no longer must hustle back to work after running errands during lunch.

Time also gets noticed when employees clock in and out for work. Even salaried workers tend to compute their time in per-hour labor rates. If a necessary errand such as standing in a long line to mail a package at the post office and picking up a grocery order takes two hours, your $20-per-hour employees have gained the work rate equivalent of $40. This perk is sure to put a smile on their faces when they calculate the time savings throughout the year.

#3 Helps Staff Deliver Consistently High-Quality Work

Many successful organizations seek to improve customer relationships by taking great care of the employees who deal with their customers. MyShoperoo as an on-demand errand service is a good way to increase productivity and later increase revenue.

MyShoperoo agents handle personal errands for your entire workforce such as:

  • Personal shopping at local retailers
  • Returning item purchases
  • Laundry/dry cleaning drop off and pick up
  • Donation handling
  • Package Handling and more

When your staff members aren’t worried about pesky last-minute daily errands, their minds are free to concentrate on your customers. Increasing revenue with excellent customer service and driving your referral program through the roof.

The errand service can also make human resources managers’ jobs easier. Everyone starts a job with the expectation that they will be a productive asset to their employer. Hiring an errand service gives them a valuable tool to increase productivity and position themselves for success. Cost-benefit evaluation of this type of service would include the time that HR managers can expect to save recruiting, attracting, and retaining top talent.

#4 Improve Work-Life Balance and Gain More Family Time

Return on investment for an employee concierge service often equates to significant sales increases for software companies and more client consultations for law firms. However, one of the best returns for this service is company loyalty that it instills in the hearts of employees. As a business leader, you know that your time is more valuable than what a per-hour work rate reflects.

Your time’s value is seen most prominently when you arrive at the ball field just in time to see your daughter throw her first pitch of the softball season. It shines when you’re taking your spouse to the theater to celebrate your anniversary. When employees are heroes at home, they’re heroes at the office. More likely to give 110 percent during work hours, increasing profit.


HR managers must often think outside of the box to create benefits packages that offer real value to employees and employers. An on-demand errand service such as MyShoperoo happens to be that ultimate benefit that can also increase revenue with time. Not to mention it’s a huge life savior with those last minute emergency items you need to get before a meeting.

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