The Concierge Service
Personalized to each Employee

No onsite staff needed. Delivers right to the employee. Takes care of errands for everyone. Find out what customers say about MyShoperoo.

We take care of all types of errands

MyShoperoo is the ultimate employee perk, where life and work come together in harmony.

Get that item returned

Gone are the days of leaving an item in your car for weeks before returning it. MyShoperoo handles returns and exchanges for teams so they don’t have to.

Purchases made right

With over 10,000 stores available MyShoperoo can get anything an employee needs when they can’t.

Donations. Dry Cleaning. We Do It All.

Small Stores

We can take care of errands anywhere. Small and local stores are just the beginning.

Grocery Stores

Pick up groceries from any store because we know everyone doesn’t just shop at one place.

Big Box Retailers

Purchase items from any choice of any big box retailer and it’ll be delivered the same day.

Clothing Stores

Return or catch the sale at a favorite fashion store all without ever having to leave the office.

Try MyShoperoo with your Team or Company today