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Imagine A Brand New Time Saving Shopping Experience

With our @Work service, we are your employees’ trusted shopping concierge service at the office. In just a few simple words, your employees can write down what they need today in our MyShopreoo @Work App and we’ll have it delivered to the office before they leave.

No more time lost at work browsing huge catalogs, searching to find items on a website, or trying to find a store with the correct inventory. Our AI powered systems does the work for them, finding the best price while sourcing locally. We can even handle returns or exchanges for items that were previously purchased by employees.

35 Mins
Average Time Saved Per Day by Employees @Work Using The MyShoperoo @Work Service

2.4 Miles
Mean Travel Distance Reduced From Employee’s Daily Route

4 of 5
Employees’ Returns and Exchanges Can be Handled by MyShoperoo

We’re Dedicated to Helping Companies Standout

We aim to help companies give back more time to their employees’ daily lives. Overall increasing a companies brand image to attract, retain, and keep engaged the top talent in their industry.

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When you sign up now, one of our exceptional customer service agents will reach out to you personally to walk you through our amazing service.



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